Chemical Logitec Co., Ltd.

Chemical Logistics Specialist

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Chemical Logistics Specialist

Company Profile

Company Name :
Chemical Logitec Co., Ltd.
Address :
16th Floor, ITOCHU Building
5-1, Kita-Aoyama 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061, Japan
TEL: +81-3-3497-8020  
FAX: +81-3-3497-1723
Main Business :
  1. Logistics services and consulting for chemical trade.
  2. Logistics related business consignment from ITOCHU Chemical Div.
  3. Provide Chemical related data, In-house IT support service, Management service for Chemical Industrial regulation for ITOCHU Chemical Div.
Shareholder :
ITOCHU Corporation 100%
Paid-in Capital :
80 million yen
President and CEO : Toshiro Ikeshiro
Director : Makoto Yukumoto (Non executive)
Director : Noriaki Okamoto (Non executive)
Auditor : Kazuo Tani (Non executive)


Oct. 1986
Established Chemical Tank Terminal Co., Ltd. Capital: 20 million yen
Mar. 2000
Increased capital to 250 million yen
Apr. 2001
Changed name to Chemical Logitec Co., Ltd.
(Business transfer of trade and logistics service from CI Chemical Service Co., Ltd.)
Mar. 2003
Registered Type-1 Cargo Transportation Business
Apr. 2003
Take over of Data Management Service from CI Chemsearch Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2007
CDI-T membership
May. 2009
Acquired ISO9001 : 2008(Quality Management System) Certification
Apr. 2013
Succeed to the Chemicals Sales Support Department of ITOCHU Corporation
May. 2014
Acquired ISO22301 : 2012(Business Continuity Management System) Certification
Aug. 2014
MWS (package change) equipment completed
May. 2015
ISO9001 : 2008 recertification acquisition
Oct. 2016
Obtained license for Type-2 Cargo Transportation Busines (For coastal shipping base)
Feb. 2017
Completion of hazardous goods warehouse
Mar. 2017
Obtained license for Type 2 Freight Forwarding Business (For ocean shipping base)
May. 2017
Acquired ISO22301 : 2012(Business Continuity Management System) Recertification
Oct. 2019
Transfer tank business to a third party as incorporation-type demerger
Aug. 2020
Reduced capital to 80 million yen