Chemical Logitec Co., Ltd.

All-Rounder of Chemical Logistics

We fully support the process of domestic and overseas / trilateral logistics!


Chemical Logistics Comprehensive Business Service

Full support in chemical logistics with abundant experience, advanced expertise, information & know-how and extensive industry knowledge.

Comply to any transportation quote including packing, storage, transportation and customs clearance for all import/export opertion.

As permit holder for Type-2 Cargo Transportation Business, we provide comprehensive detailed logistics services including securing space for container base operation, offering freight, cargo tracing and preparing necessary documents for all three shipment modes (in-land, sea and air) as well as for domestic or international transportation services.

Also, based on the know-how accumulated by the daily transportation of liquid bulk chemicals, our experienced staff are well versed in laws and regulations such as related to the Fire Service Act, Poisonous and Deleterious Substance Control Law, Food Sanitation Law, etc. We also provide safely and accurately storage and transportation services for hazardous materials, deleterious substances and food additives, etc.

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